About us

SOFDAP LLC is the result of cooperation among small, independent groups of software engineers and supply chain professionals with one purpose in mind: helping companies meet the relentlessly growing demand for technical expertise and filling the capacity gap for developing solutions to high-value business challenges, and helping our customers with operations and productivity improvements, leading to margin growth. Depending on specific project objectives, we’re also happy to support our customers in improving existing business processes, or even disrupting outdated conventional ones through advanced software engineering services.

The majority of our employees have engineering backgrounds and hold a stake in the company’s equity, which means that everyone on our team has an interest in creating value for our customers and committing ourselves to the long-term success of every project. Every member of the SOFDAP team is passionate about the possibilities of information technology to enhance efficiency across every aspect of modern life. The Internet of Things (IoT) as the fourth industrial revolution and the rise of the sharing economy are already having significant impacts in every industry, causing dramatic shifts in the business landscape. Our team is dedicated to working with you to help with the necessary strategic transitions to adjust successfully to critical market disruptions.